A Lesson Learned

This is a tale of a lesson learned and one I’d like to ensure as few of you go through. I know there are many service-based businesses out there who cannot visualise how they could be photographed. They cannot see their own visual style. They are under the illusion that because they do not have products that their business in some way does not deserve to have pretty Instagrammable images. I want to stop that right now. EVERY business can have beautiful images, every single one. You all have amazing stories to tell and your clients and your dream clients want to see those stories, they want to see YOU in action.
This is what had happened to Georgina of Georgina’s Science Tuition 
It’s easier to hear it straight from here about her shoot.
“Having a business that provides a service rather than a product, I have always been a little envious of others with stunning, bespoke photographs on their websites. I had fallen into the trap of thinking ‘my business isn’t suited to photos.’

When I first met Claire, I found her very pragmatic approach to both brand photography and life, in general, akin to my own. I just knew that this was the photographer that I wanted to work with. There is no-nonsense working with Claire, she calls it as it is – and she was always right.

Claire came on a site visit and I was quickly persuaded that this would be a shoot not of pretty objects, but of people busy doing things. The idea was to take an observer through the experience of a tuition session. The half-day shoot flew by, and I quickly learned to trust Claire as she was creating images from what appeared (to me, anyway) to be out of nothing.”

Action shots are an important part of your business aligned stock library. They give your potential clients the chance to see you at work and to put you in the context of what you do. For a tuition business and for parents browsing on the internet they will want to see that their children are going into a nice clean space, it’s set up as a classroom and therefore the children are going somewhere safe. They can SEE it.

For the children it may be a stressful and slightly worrying time if they are struggling to get the grades they will want for university, they too need to see that they are going into somewhere where they can concentrate and learn.

If you’ve heard me speak on Branding then you’ll have heard me say that humans, in general, are a nosey lot and we like to see into people’s lives. It builds the know like and trust factor that is so important in creating your personal and business brand. People buy people and if they can’t see you or put in context in their heads then it’s unlikely they will connect with you and ultimately buy from you. 


Georgina finished her testimonial by saying “Claire has an eye for detail and has an ability to spot something photogenic in the mundane. I now have a collection of original photographs that describe my business in pictures to perfection.”

Thanks for Georgina for her kind words, I just went in and shot her business story. It was right under her nose but she couldn’t see it and she’s not alone.

If you would like me to tell you how you can be seen visually why not book a discovery call with me here.

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