This place is a hidden gem, and it’s one of the most beautiful restaurants I’ve been in.  Hustle is opening soon in Ealing and will be a fabulous Bombay Eating House. 

Bombay street food brings together the snacks and small dishes of Bombay. Cue the samosas, potato patties and a big helping of the city’s food culture.


Hustle has also been clever with their branding and the interior colours and styling match their brand words perfectly. The colours used convey the richness and warmth of the Indian climate, it all looks sumptuous. The textures are so tactile, (I know you can’t feel them onscreen :))  the leather is soft, the marble tops of the tables all make you feel that you are indeed in a Maharajah’s palace.

Hustle will be opening soon so if you’re in Ealing or in the vicinity make sure you pop in!



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