It’s never Just A Headshot – well not in my book anyway!

Headshots are so much more than that. They are the first thing that people will see when they look you up online. Essentially your online Hello. You want it to be one you can be proud of – yes? You want to make the right impression for you, as a professional, and for your company. So it’s never just a headshot. 

When I work with companies I always have a conversation to understand what they want from the images. Where will they be used, how will they be used and what key messages from your brand do you want to convey. We talk about brand colours and how they can be woven into the images, what they want clients and prospective clients to feel when they see these images and how the images will fit into the sales process.

Ward Williams Financial Services concentrate on offering clear personalised solustions to all elements of their clients financial planning needs with the aim to building long term relationships. Now Financial Services is not the most exciting of work arenas, I know, I spent 20 years there in my first career. However, it is full of wonderful clever people who can help with the most complex problems and make seemingly yawnsome subjects like pensions, and investments and tax planning as clear as day and we are left wondering why on earth we haven’t tackled this before. 

I was keen to emphasis the human side of these professionals, to envoke feelings of trust, of humour and normality. We are afterall just one human being talking to another. I hope their new online hello’s will make you want to have a coffee with them 🙂


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