Personal Branding for service based businesses

As soon as I met Belinda Riley   I knew we’d get on. Even when I turned up at our magnificent location house the morning of her shoot with my car exhaust hanging off. It had decided enough was enough about 300 yards earlier! Belinda is unflappable and one of those people you know is going to be A Safe Pair of Hands. 

Belinda works as a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Consultant, a Keynote Speaker, and a  Rapid Transformational Therapist.  Empowering people and businesses to go beyond the barriers to advance equality in the workplace and beyond.

As you can see from Belinda’s multi-faceted work life the images we created had to fit several purposes. They needed to be used across her work and therefore had to sit at the top of her branding values and mission to reflect them.

We had a great time during the shoot and I’m very proud of the images we created and how Belinda uses them today. As always it’s better you hear from the client about her experience than me rabbiting on, so below is what Belinda said on her social media after the shoot. 

For #followfriday and #buywomenbuilt we are showcasing the work of @clairegardnerphotography a brand photographer who I have had the privilege of working with on my branding shoot for my new business Beyond The Barriers Academy and its upcoming website. Whilst many people describe me as confident, when it comes to being in front of a camera, confidence is NOT a word I would use to describe myself. Words like petrified and embarrassed are more accurate.

However, I know that having a personal brand, and photos which represent you is important for business and this was solidified when my web designer made it very clear that if I wanted my business to reflect me, my work and my values I needed to have some pictures of me in it, which meant I had to face that fear head on!

I discovered Claire via @linkedin and I really connected with her personal story and her vision. After pivoting from a successful corporate career, Claire decided to follow her dream of becoming a photographer and set up her business 12 years ago. She specialises in ‘brand’ photography, ensuring her pictures are visually interesting and branded to a client’s business. She prides herself on really getting to know her clients and their values, so she can creatively design a shoot that captures everything that you want, and need. Claire’s real superpower is her ability to make people feel at ease and let go of their limiting beliefs. She gave me such confidence during our day together, managing to turn the experience I was dreading most into something I had a lot of fun doing! She also produced some fantastic photos! So thank you Claire for being a great example of someone who has stepped up to follow their dreams, whilst also making a really positive impact on others.
So if you are looking for a brand photographer or some new head shots, I recommend that you get in touch with Claire.

Belinda Riley

If you’d like to discover how to create images such as these then please do get in touch!

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