It’s been a funny old few months hasn’t it?

I never thought I’d live through something like this in my lifetime, but here we are. I hope this finds you and yours are all well and adjusting to this ‘new normal’ that we find ourselves in. 

Like many of my colleagues, my business had to close and the studio has been a quiet place for the past 16 weeks. 

However, we are now able to open our doors and start photographing again :)! 

I want to explain a few changes that will be different for you if you’re coming into the studio now that you’ve had your haircut!

As the studio is at the bottom of my garden, I will be taking your temperature before you come in. I will also ask you to wait until all the internal doors are open and you can walk straight through the house and out to the studio. Once you get in the studio, hang your things up on the hooks and take your seat on set. When you’re sat down I will follow you in and we can begin.

The studio does look a bit bare as I’ve had to remove all the throws and rugs I use for my newborn shoots, so there’s lots of empty shelves. Everything is deep cleaned before each shoot and I will only be doing one shoot a day. Hand sanitizer is available and you are encouraged to use it. There will be no access to toilet facilities as they are in the main house and you will have to do your own hair and makeup.

Throughout the shoot I will be maintaining social distance and will direct you through your poses and show you what to do. I’m not going to leave you hanging so to speak! When you need to change outfits I will step out to give you space.

At the end of the shoot, I will open all the doors so you can walk straight back out of the house and to your car.

This does not mean that we’re not going to have a lot of fun! We will still be able to nail your awesome new headshots and get your visible online. It just has to be a bit different for the time being.

My full risk assessment can be found below. If you have any questions about booking in for a shoot please give me a call and I’ll be happy to talk it through with you.

I look forward to seeing you soon! 





Claire Gardner Photography

COVID 19 risk assessment

July 2020

What are the hazards?

Who might be harmed and how?

What are you already doing?

Do you need to do anything else to manage this risk?

Action by whom and when.


Contracting COVID 19 from being in the studio environment by contact with an infected person.

CG and clients becoming infected with COVID 19.

Visiting clients who have tested positive for COVID 19 are not allowed into the studio until they have self isolated for the recommended government period of 7 days. If CG tests positive for COVID 19 then the studio will be closed for the recommended government self isolation period and CG had a negative test and is asymptomatic.

Remind clients booking in that if they experience symptoms they will have to postpone.

CG – subject to each client when they enquire.


Congestion and inability to adequately social distance when entering the house and through to the studio.

CG and clients becoming infected with COVID 19.

Only one client will be allowed to book in each day. Clients will be asked to remain outside until all doors through the house and out to the studio are opened. They then will be asked to walk straight through the house and out into the garden and walk down to the studio. Once they are in the studio and settled CG will then enter and direct them in their shoot whilst maintaining social distancing. Clear markings on the ground to give 2 meter clearance.

Explain this procedure to clients when booking in and on arrival at the studio.

CG – subject to each client when booking in.


Ineffective hygiene measures

CG and clients becoming infected with COVID 19.

CG will maintain a robust handwashing and sanitising routine. Clients will be requested to use the provided hand sanitizer when entering the studio. Toilet facilities in the house will not be available. Sessions will be no longer then 45 minutes. Bin with lid is located in the studio to ensure disposal of any tissues is done safely – bin is emptied and sanitised after each shoot. Doors and window will remain open to maintain a good air flow.

Explain this procedure to clients when booking in and on arrival at the studio.

CG – subject to each client when booking in.


Studio hygiene measures

CG and clients becoming infected with COVID 19.

The studio will only be used for one shoot per day and with 24 hours in between each shoot to allow for deep cleaning. All areas used will be disinfected with suitable antibacterial cleaning products. All door handles, light switches, seating and posing boxes will be also cleaned. Clients will be encouraged only to touch the necessary equipment needed for their shoot. All fabric throws and unnecessary props will be removed. All seating used will be disinfected after every shoot as part of the deep cleaning regime.

CG to clean after every shoot.



Payment of services

CG and clients becoming infected with COVID 19.

Payment of services will be done via invoice and BACS. No cash payments will be taken.

Bank details will be on each invoice.




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