Fiona Jones is my awesome makeup artist. We have worked together for a few years now and if any of my clients want professional makeup for their shoots she is my No1 GoTo girl!

Fiona has been talking about running workshops for ages. I could not have been more pleased to get the call to say she is ready to launch and could I take some photos of her teaching.

Fiona wanted images for her new website and for her marketing materials. My brief also detailed the need for images that conveyed a friendly, creative open and fun vibe. Her colours are mainly neutrals.
I often get asked about how teachers and coaches can have website photos as they don’t actually sell anything tangible. They often fall into the trap of thinking their business is not worthy of having photos or that there’s nothing really to photograph.

This is where I leap up and exclaim ‘oh but you are wrong’! There is loads to photograph! It’s all about telling your story and showing your clients what it’s like to work with you. A makeup artist shows what a difference they can make to a face just by showing each step. Fiona is very keen to empower women with makeup, to show them that you just have to know the basics and you can take on the world 🙂 She will also be running workshops for ladies who have gone through the menopause to show them the best ways to use their make up as your skin tone changes so much.

When I sit down to plan a shoot with a client, I always get them to describe their day. It helps me visualise what they actually do and gives me anchor points for the shoot. It adds humanity and realism and will allow their clients to connect authentically with the images.

Fiona also came into the studio for her more formal headshots, she will be using these on LinkedIn. She truly now has a bank of branded images that she can use to market her business and that show what she does. This is what she said about her shoot.

“Thank you Claire for an amazing photoshoot! You are truly one of the most talented photographers I have had the pleasure to work with. From the moment I arrived at your studio, you were so friendly and made me feel completely at ease. You were able to direct me seamlessly through the entire shoot which really shows in the amazing photos you have taken. I t was truly an enjoyable experience and I cannot thank you enough!”

It was great to collaborate and work with Fiona in this way, I’m really pleased that she is delighted and I’m really looking forward to seeing what she achieves in 2020!

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