There is nothing better in the world than an afternoon cuppa with a piece of classic Victoria Sponge cake is there? The steaming tea and the crumbly sponge, tangy jam and silky smooth buttercream – YUM!!

But what if your perfect cakes aren’t so perfect in your eyes and you want to be able to wow your family with a cake fit for the gods?


It’s projects like this that I love to see and document. The wonderful Dandelion Bakery has grown over the last year and now the very talented Jo is running workshops! Not content with designing and producing the most amazing wedding and occassion cakes, she is now teaching to you bake them. 

To add to The Dandelion Bakery’s brand Jo and I agreed that to have images of her teaching her first workshop would prove to be invaluable. It would allow potential clients to see what happens in a workshop, what their surroundings will be like and what steps they will follow. They can assess whether the workshop is for them and book accordingly. 


Action shots are an important part of your business aligned stock library. They give your potential clients the chance to see you at work and to put you in context of what you do. It also allows them to see where the product they are buying comes from and the process it goes through. 

If you’ve heard me speak on Personal Branding then you’ll have heard me say that humans in general are a nosey lot and we like to see into people’s lives. It builds the know like and trust factor that is so important in creating your personal and business brand. People buy people and if they can’t see you or put in context in their heads then it’s unlikely they will connect with you and ultimately buy from you. 


So now Jo has a whole library of images for future use that show her doing what she does best. 

I’m off to put the kettle on….!!

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